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NSYSU COVID-19 Prevention Measures from May 19, 2021

Alert Level

Level 3

Enforcement Period

May 19 on

Classrooms and Teaching

  1. The NSYSU COVID-19 Prevention Team has decided that May 17 18 is for instructors and students to prepare for distance learning, and May 19 through June 8 are to implement distance learning throughout the University.
  2. All classrooms and learning venues should be well ventilated and regularly disinfected.
  3. In classes: wear masks at all times, no eating or drinking, and keep seating record (manually or by taking photos).
  4. Physical Education (including swimming classes) is suspended until June 8; make-up classes will be provided when in-person class resumes. Swimming tests in May are canceled, while tests in June are tentatively to take place as scheduled.


Wear masks at all times.

Meeting Rooms

  1. Meetings with attendance by people from outside of campus:

All meetings are to be held online, if not applicable, alternate seating (1.5m social distancing) and mask mandate should be observed, and no dining is allowed.

  1. Visits from higher authorities:

Alternate seating (1.5m social distancing) and mask mandate should be observed, and no dining is allowed.


  1. Closed.
  2. Express circulation service is available on the 1st floor.

Gym and Sports/Fitness Facilities

  1. Gymnasium, swimming pools, fitness centers, and tennis courts are closed.
  2. Mask mandate for all outdoor exercises and activities.
  3. Outdoor basketball courts: All players should use his/her own ball and no sharing of basketball hoops. The hoops will be sealed if found otherwise.
  4. Outdoor volleyball courts: The courts are open only for practicing tossing between two players when 1m social distancing is kept. Group playing is prohibited; if found, the nets will be removed.
  5. Baseball/softball field is open to throwing and catching practice between two players when 1m social distancing is kept.
  6. Track-and-field ground: The 1m social distancing should be observed at all times. Group playing is prohibited.
  7. Announcements will be posted on all outdoor courts.
  8. No lighting will be provided in the evening in the outdoor courts.

Student Center

All student club offices and venues are closed, and activities are suspended.

Campus Dorms

  1. Public areas will be disinfected two times daily (one time daily on weekends), and hand wash is provided on washbasins.
  2. Wear masks when outside dorm rooms.
  3. Shower rooms will be in use alternately, and hot water supply prolonged.
  4. Sanitizers and one forehead thermometer will be available for each dorm. 

Sun Yat-sen Hall


Outdoor Public Areas

Wear masks at all times throughout the campus. Outdoor gatherings of 10+ people are prohibited -- violators will be asked to leave the venue or campus.

Restaurants and Stores

Take-outs only.

Other Venues

  1. Every building will have one single entrance. Entering buildings requires taking temperature, ID and wearing a mask. (Non-NSYSU members should present an ID and provide contact information.)
  2. The Si Wan College (10th floor of the Info-Library Building) is closed.

On-Campus Activities

  1. The following activities are suspended:
    1. Student club activities
    2. Inter-city/county activities (graduation trips, field trips, workshops, camps, etc.)
    3. On- and off-campus internships, including internships on the sea
    4. Varsity team training
    5. Sports activities, rehabilitation therapy, Co-tea time arranged by the University for faculty and staff
    6. Arts festival
  2. The commencement will be postponed and to be held outdoors.

Mobility Across Different Alert Level Zones

  1. All NSYSU members should avoid any unnecessary business or personal travel outside of campus.
  2. Avoid unnecessary inter-city/county mobility.  


  1. Measures not included above should follow the regulations of the CECC and the Kaohsiung City Government.
  2. Timely adjustments will be made according to the development of the pandemic.


  • Academic Affairs:

* Curriculum and courses:

  Ms. Hsiu-Wen Hsieh (ext. 2132, hsiuwen@mail.nsysu.edu.tw)

  Ms. Ying-Hua Lee (ext. 2131, hwlee@mail.nsysu.edu.tw)

  • For technical support, contact the Office of Library and Information Services:

* Cyber University and U Meeting:

Ms. Yu-Chieh Lin (ext. 2525, yuchieh@mail.nsysu.edu.tw

* Microsoft Teams:

Mr. Yi-hsiung Ting (ext. 2458, jimmytine@staff.nsysu.edu.tw)

* Cisco WebEx:

Ms. Ying-ying Lyu (ext. 2459, yinglyu@staff.nsysu.edu.tw)

* Google Meet:

Mr. Chong-yu Huang (ext. 2522, locustyo@mail.nsysu.edu.tw)

  • For counseling support, contact the Office of Student Affairs:

* Licensed practical nurse (LPN) Ms. Kuo (ext. 2252)

* Psychologist Ms. Ya-chu Chuang (ext. 2233)

  • Office of Personnel Services:

Mr. Shyh-Yueh Puu (ext. 2046, pusy@mail.nsysu.edu.tw)

Ms. Yu-Chun Tsai (ext. 2053, irene160@mail.nsysu.edu.tw)

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