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Laws & Regulations

Articles of Association (Aug 1, 2015)

Organization Chart  (Aug 1, 2015)


 Regulations Governing the Appointment of Teachers and Researchers  (Dec 24, 2010)

Guidelines for Qualificaiton Review of Full-Time Faculty Appointments(Apr 19,2012)


Guidelines for Examination of Adjunct Faculty Member Appointment Qualification(Jun 13,2013)

Guidelines for Appointmaent, Promotion, and Qualification Reviews of Professional Technicians(Jun 6,2014)


 Instructions for completing the higher education faculty member CV form for qualification assessment purposes.


Regulations for Demission, Suspension or Rejection of Reappointment for Teaching Faculty  (Oct 19, 2012)

 Appointment Contract for Teaching Faculty (Jun 6, 2014)

Faculty Guidelines (Dec 26, 2014)

Regulations for the Promotion Review of Teachers and Researchers (Jun 7, 2013)

Principles of Scores of Teaching and Service Performance for Faculty Promiitons (Jun 13,2013)


Implementation Directions for the Overseas Lectures, Research, and Training of Faculty Members and Researchers  (Mar 27, 2009)


 Notes on Business Trip of Faculty/Staff Members(includingAdministrative Assistants)    (Sep 24, 2014)


Regulations for the Prevention, Complaint,
   and Penalty of Sexual Harassment
(Sep 19, 2007)

Regulations on the Seniority (Achievement) Pay (Pension) Raise of Faculty Members  (Mar 28, 2008)

Key Points Governing Teachers' Violation of Accreditation Regulations Governing Teacher Qualifications and Academic Ethics Cases  (Jun 7, 2013)

Regulations for Services Extensions of
   Professors and Associate Professorscs Cases
(Jun 6, 2008)