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Chief Human Resource Officer Director
 Executive Officer   Assistant
 Administrative Assistant Office Worker

Personnel Director

Position: Chief Human Resource Officer
Name: Shan-Yu Huang
TEL: (07) 525-2000 # 2040
Work content: The Director of Personnel Office is responsible for the management of the University's personnel function, covering all categories of staff.
Duty agent: Lai-Zhen Yan

Section Chief

Groups: First
Position: Director
Name: Chen-Bi Chen
TEL: (07) 525-2000 # 2041
Work content:

1.Overall management of Personnel office First Groups.
2.Quota organization adaptation.
3.Amendment of the organizational rules.
4.The formulation of the manpower plan.
5.The assistance of the personnel part of the business, long-range school plan is compiled.
6.Personnel office First Groups computerized planning and promote.

Duty agent: Lai-Zhen Yan

Groups: Second
Position: Director
Name: Lai-Zhen Yan
TEL: (07) 525-2000 # 2051
Work content: 1.Comprehensive management Personnel office Second Groups .
2.Personnel annual work plan of proposed.
3.Personnel office Second Groups of the personnel regulations of proposed.
4.Personnel office Second Groups computerized planning and promote.
Duty agent: Chen-Bi Chen


Groups: First
Position: Assistant
Name: Mei-Chi Wu
TEL: (07) 525-2000 # 2042
Work content: 1.Teacher self-evaluation, hiring, promotion, qualification examination,and review.
2.Monthly attendance and payment affairs of the staffs..
3.Assistance in the School Teacher Evaluation Committee affairs.
4.Part-time teaching agreement administration for full-time and part-time teachers.
5.Temporary or urgent affairs.
Duty agent: Hsiang-Yun Ku

Groups: First
Position: Assistant
Name: Hsiang-Yun Ku
TEL: (07) 525-2000 # 2043
Work content:

1.Recruitment (advertisement, gathering the application letters, interview arrangement and notification, and notifying the failed applicants).
2.New employee registration and training.
Report for MOE for information of foreign teachers and application for employment.
Certificate issuing(employment, resignation, and appointment).
3.Non-organized personnel management affairs.
4.Leave without pay and secondment cases.
New employee's information input and maintenance.
5.Regular report making (including regular statistics report for MOE, subsidy information, mid-term school administration, total amount control, and so on).
6.The committee members' election of school affairs committee meeting.
7.Monthly report about the number of the handicapped personnel being hired.
8.Temporary or urgent affairs.

Duty agent: Mei-Chi Wu

Groups: Second
Position: Executive Officer
Name: Yu-Chun Tsai
TEL: (07) 525-2000 # 2052
Work content: 1.Teachers' annual pay rise, staff performance appraisal.
2.Professor vacation, teacher research studies abroad to give lectures.
3.Staff retirement, pension, care. (including three consolation money)
4.Teachers to extend the service.
5.The work of the Conference report compiled.
6.Personnel service announcements.
7.Performance evaluation data compiled personnel business.
8.Personnel Office meeting.
9.Personnel comprehensive industry and funding management.
Duty agent: Yi-Chun Chen

Groups: Second
Position: Assistant
Name: Yi-Chun Chen
TEL: (07) 525-2000 # 2053
Work content:

1. Staff training, education and all kinds of symposium, workshops.
2.Domestic and international benchmarking learning.
3.Staff welfare, various allowances, emergency relief, President of condolence payments.
4.Cultural and recreational activities, physical and psychological adaptation activities, the Chinese New Year Celebration, to assist the Teachers' Day.
5.Gender Equality in Employment Act related business.
6.Various committees re-election, the transaction.
7.Staff working to prove, services, certification matters.
8.Personnel Information Management and Statistics.
9.To assist the Labor Standards Law document processing.
10.Disease prevention and relief issues.

Duty agent: Yun-Ching Tseng

Groups: Second
Position: Assistant
Name: Yun-Ching Tseng
TEL: (07) 525-2000 # 2055
Work content:

1.Monthly employee attendance information management
2.Employee attendance cases (Yearly, summer and winter vacation)
3.On-duty personnel in vacation arrangement and schedule.
4.Benefits related affairs.
5.Retirement,compensation,and severance cases.
6.Temporary or urgent affairs.
7.Insurance affairs (Insurance for the private schools, Health insurance, labor insurance and group insurance for employees).

Duty agent: Yu-Chun Tsai

Administrative Assistant

Groups: First
Position: Administrative Assistant
Name: Guo-Ping Zheng
TEL: (07) 525-2000 # 2047
Work content: 1.Administrative unit, Faculty of Science, Engineering, Marine Academy of Science and Liberal Center administrative assistant and project assistant appointment, report, salary, termination, maintenance and basic information.
2.Faculty, administrative assistant and project assistant service certificates issued.
3.The faculty and staff, administrative assistants and project assistants each month the birthday inventory of the inventoried.
4.Faculty, administrative assistants and project assistants, health checks inventory of inventoried.
5.School funds of staff a month to leave the contribution of the savings and settle matters.
6.School funds to keep a record of staff monthly salary.
7.School funds of staff in-service leave proof of the opening.
8.Management of "Office of Personal Services" Part-time workers.
Duty agent: Shyh-Yueh Puu

Groups: Second
Position: Administrative Assistant
Name: Shyh-Yueh Puu
TEL: (07) 525-2000 # 2046
Work content: 1.College of Liberal Arts, School of Management, Academy of Social Sciences, Assistant appointment, report, salary, severance, and basic data maintenance.
2."School funds of staff" time and attendance, leave and sick leave, deduction management.
3."School funds of staff" the usual year-end performance appraisal
National Science Council, applications for recruiting talent, appearance, severance and other related matters.
4."School funds" teaching and research personnel to report, leave and other related matters.
5.Special staff that savings contribute and settle matters.
6.Teachers and staff to report matters.
7.The number of temporary staff statistics quarterly report.
8.Relevant documents signed to do the Labor Standards Law and the Labour conference. (every three months to convene)
Duty agent: Guo-Ping Zheng

Groups: Second
Position: Administrative Assistant
Name: Yu-Han Zheng
TEL: (07) 525-2000 # 2045
Work content: 1.Faculty personnel information computer and maintenance.
2.Co-organized various types of personnel information report processing.
3.Personnel web build and maintenance management.
4.This room property management.
5.To assist various types of letters of appointment produced.
6.Help deal with the attendance records, online sign-related matters.
7.Personnel files are typed.
Duty agent: Guo-Ping Zheng

Office Worker

Position: Office Worker
Name: Shu-Zhao Xu
TEL: (07) 525-2000 # 2056
Work content: 1.Personnel Office to send and receive documents, exhibition and archiving.
2.Co-host the birthday card and birthday coupons forwarding.
Duty agent: Yu-Han Zheng